• Carvertisements uses car advertising to let businesses increase their exposure by advertising on YOUR car. 

About Us

Do you own a car and want to make some extra cash?

How about a bike?

Are you a business that wants to take itself to the next level and improve publicity?

What is Carvertisements

Carvertisements is an advertising agency that places visually pleasing vinyl wrap advertisements onto cars.

We provide drivers with an opportunity to make some extra income by simply driving and parking as they do day in day out. Maybe you want that exotic holiday? Maybe you're saving up for that new car? Or maybe you simply want some extra money, whatever the reason we're sure some extra money will help.

As a business, advertising can unfortunately cost an extortionate amount. The price to impression ratio of Carvertisements Ltd is unparalleled by any other method. With over 31 million cars on British roads in 2016 and many more pedestrians looking at cars and passengers gazing out of the windows this audience is currently blind to your business. We created Carvertisements Ltd to give you an affordable and effective way to get your business name out there.

Familiarity breeds business. 

Constantly seeing your business name throughout the day brings it to the front of customers minds in before your competitors. Unlike a billboard you can speed past or a T.V. or Radio advert you can switch over a carvertisements advert is with you for the journey.

You also don't pay the absurd amount of money like you do for your 10 seconds of air time or that single strip on a billboard as the service we offer is well under half of the price of bus advertisements and under a third of the price of billboard advertisement with a similar number of daily impressions. We pride ourselves on being the most cost effective method of outdoor advertising. 

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