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"If I were down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR" - Bill Gates

Just think how many cars you see each day. Now imagine if instead of just seeing the metal panels you saw a visually stimulating advert for your brand. Everybody who has seen it knows the red bull car, it's memorable. We want to make your brand be striking and memorable to all and these visual adverts are just the way to do that.

The average commuter spends a shocking 5 days a year stuck in traffic! To advertise to someone for that length of time with any other form of advertisement would cost tens of thousands of pounds. We pride ourselves on being the most cost effective outdoor advertising method.

Drivers in traffic spend time mindlessly looking around at other drivers, other cars, people walking but ultimately looking for something to read and think about to occupy their attention. That's where your advert comes in to save the day. We know that each advert represents your brand and so only cars and drivers that reach your standards will be used. The adverts will be professionally designed to your specifications and will be maintained to the highest quality.

People aren't only studying your companies name when they are stuck in traffic. We operate primarily in UK cities and so thousands of people will be familiarizing themselves with your brand whilst seeing it on the  street parked up, in the car park or simply driving around. It's 24/7 advertisement. To be specific, up to an astounding 10,000 people each day will see each car advert you have with us. 

Familiarity breeds business.

We will make sure you are happy with the cars you will be advertising on and the driving habits and we will match you with  drivers who fulfill your needs. We will also work with you to design your advert to your specifications and then we will take all responsibility for the manufacture, application and maintenance of this advert throughout your advertising campaign. 

If you are a business and wish to utilize our service or discover more then please drop us an email including; the name of your company and any enquiries you have about our service and we will be happy to  swiftly reply.

Your Advertising Options

The side of the car acts as a giant moving canvas of your business

Wrapping the rear window allows your business to be seen from all angles

You can also wrap the entire car, covering all surfaces, email any enquiries about this and we can provide further information.

Reflective vinyls really make your business stand out from the crowd.

Check out this video showing how your advert can look!


Prices vary widely depending on the amount of vinyl used for each advert and the length of each campaign. We offer discounts for longer campaigns and more drivers.

Prices start at under £3 a day however please inquire for a complete personalised valuation and breakdown. That's a similar price to a cup of coffee for thousands of views of your business each day. 

To put this in perspective in advertising terms, the average bus shelter advert costs well over double what we charge.

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