Information for Car Drivers

What exactly do we do?

We  will pay you, as a car driver, to allow companies to advertise on your car. The more of your car that you use to advertise, the more money you get! (Many companies also offer exclusive discounts for the drivers on top)
The adverts come in the form of vinyl stickers that you see on the road on vehicles such as taxi cabs every day. Taxi cab drivers often use this as a way to  pay for their insurance and get some extra money on top. They are  temporary stickers that we guarantee can be applied and removed from  your car without leaving a trace!
The advertisements can be placed on the side doors, the rear window or completely wrap your car at your discretion. The size and design of the adverts vary and of  course you, as the car owner, can choose if you would like that advert on your car or not! 

What criteria do you need to meet?


  • Own a valid UK drivers licence
  • Own a car under 15 years old
  • Have no current driving convictions
  • Keep your car in good condition inside and out
  • Ensure your car is exposed to enough people each day through either driving habits or parking location.

How does it work?

If you fulfill the criteria above then you are ready to go. Simply scroll down the page and send us your completed proforma and we will get back to you with offers from companies who wish to advertise with you, how much you can expect to earn and your conditions of driving with us.
These offers are on a first come first served basis however we will always tell you as soon as we get any offers you may be interested in.
When you accept this we will arrange a convenient time to come out and fit your temporary, paint friendly, vinyl advertisements then you can start earning!


  • How do I sign up?
  • Simply go to the bottom of the page and send us an email filling in the application form seen below.

  • Is there a signing on fee or any hidden costs?
  • No - to sign up and drive for us is completely free of charge. In fact, we pay you!

  • Do the rear windscreen vinyls affect my visibility?
  • No - The material we use is perforated to allow normal visibility  out of your rear windscreen. As an added bonus it also makes looking in  through the rear windscreen from the outside almost impossible, reducing  the risk of people breaking in.

  • How long must I keep the vinyl on the car?
  • The vinyl can be removed at any time by contacting us but  you must keep it on the car at all times whilst driving for the  campaign. 

  • How long is a campaign?
  • These vary individually depending on how long the company wants a driver for and how long you are available to drive for us.

  • Is there any risk to the paintjob my car?
  • No - The vinyl we use actually serve to protect your car  against minor scratches and UV damage. They can also be removed without  leaving a trace.

  • Will this affect my insurance?
  • For the majority of providers - No. (However we would advise you  to contact your individual insurer prior to your application to be  certain.)

Earning potential

As a car driver how much can you expect to earn?

You can expect to earn around £100 per month.
This is dependent on the non exhaustive list of:   

  • The make and model of your car
  • Your location.
  • How many miles your car is driven per day
  • The number and type of panels on your car you are prepared to advertise on.

We will analyze your application and send you a quote of how much you can expect to earn.

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We will never send unsolicited emails or give out your email address to third parties.

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