Information for cyclists

What exactly do we do?

We  will pay you, as a cyclist, to allow companies to use your bike as an  advertising space. The more advertisements you place on your bike the  more money you get.

What criteria do you need to meet?

  • Own a bicycle
  • Keep it in good condition
  • Be willing to allow metallic advertising stickers to be placed on your bike
  • Maintain your bike's condition for the duration of your campaign

How does it work?

2.5 million people are on their bike at least twice a week and 1.5million  people use their bike every day. These bikes will be seen by millions of  people each and every day. Exposure is essential for a companies  success and so every avenue should be explored. 
We are asking you, as a cyclist, to give these companies the opportunity  to advertise on your bike. Nothing comes for free and so we will be offering you a monthly sum of money for your services.
If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, and your application is accepted, we will match you with a company willing to utilize your services. We  will then send you an individual quote of how much money you can expect  to receive. If you choose to accept this offer we will then fit your  bike with advertising boards which advertises the company.
You have the ability to choose which company you advertise for and for how long.


  • How do I sign up?
  • Simply go down the page to the 'bike proforma' section, fill it in and send it off to us.

  • Is there a signing on fee or any hidden costs?
  • No - to sign up and ride for us is completely free of charge

  • Where do the adverts go?
  • It is entirely up to you. The spaces available on a bike are:  Between handlebars, inside the frame and inside the wheels. Where you  decide to advertise on your bike determines the amount of money you  receive.

  • How long must I keep the advert on my bike?
  • You must keep it on for the duration of your campaign. You should  not remove the advert without informing us first. The adverts are  temporary and easily removable with no damage to your bike at the end of  your agreement

How much can I expect to earn?

You can expect to earn up to £50 per month
This is dependent on the non exhaustive list of:

  • Where on your bike you decide to advertise
  • Your riding habits (how much and where you ride your bike everyday)
  • Where your bike is kept when not in use

We will analyze your application and send you a personalized quote of how much you can expect to earn.

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