How we help you get more customers

  • On a budget of ~£2000 for a year we can easily reach over 1 million people. With the same budget other forms of advertisement reach under 10% of that figure.
  • According to the Outdoor Advertising Association and 3M each car advert can reach between 3,000 - 30,000 people each day.  

How do we compare to other forms of advertising?

  • Our cost to impression ratio beats any other traditional form of advertisement (seen right). 

How do you feel when a TV advert interrupts your favourite show?

  • Unlike radio or TV adverts, customers state that 'vehicle ads attract attention without disturbance'. This non-aggressive approach of not forcing customers to stop what they're doing to look or listen at you results in customers reporting feeling positive towards adverts. This, unsurprisingly, results in an increased response to adverts but it also leaves all individuals, customers or not, with a positive impression of your company.

What else do you do to TV/Radio adverts? 

  • You turn them over. Car adverts are 'on the air' 24/7, you can't turn them over, we offer 24/7 365days a year advertisement. The best part? As mentioned above, people love it..

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